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Legal Assistant

Meet Lisa Bazzini Lopez, a seasoned legal assistant with an impressive 25-year track record in the legal field. Lisa serves as the essential linchpin in our office, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of our legal practice.

From the moment Lisa embarked on her career in the legal profession, her dedication and expertise set her apart. Over the years, she has honed her skills and gained extensive experience in various areas of law, becoming a versatile and invaluable asset to our team.

Lisa's role goes far beyond the traditional responsibilities of a legal assistant. Known for her exceptional organizational skills, Lisa plays a pivotal role in maintaining the smooth operation of our office. Her ability to prioritize tasks, manage workflows, and coordinate with various stakeholders ensures that our team can focus on delivering the best possible legal services to our clients. Lisa's efficiency and reliability have become synonymous with the high standards we uphold at our firm.

Lisa is married with two young sons and always looks forward to spending time with her family making life-time memories.

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