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A lot can change between the time you are divorced and when you are seeking a modification of your divorce judgment.  Agreements are often made contemplating certain conditions, , such as equity available in a home, or the resale value of an asset.  However, changes can occur to make the performance of the decree impossible. These changes include:

  • The loss of employment

  • A party obtains employment

  • Significant increase in income of one party

  • Increase a child’s support needs

  • Loss in the equity of an asset, such as a home

  • A party’s need to relocate

  • Modification of a Divorce Judgment

When an initial order  is no longer feasible, it is important that you contact an attorney to discuss modifying your divorce decree.  Whatever the change, The Chalumeau Law Group, LLC is equipped to evaluate every specific case to deem whether a modification is warranted, and zealously advocate on your behalf.

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